Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meal Plan

I struggle with meal plans, some things just are not practical for me. Over the last few years, I have figured out what I will eat and what I won't and especially, I must be very considerate of preparation of my meals. I typically will not invest too much time in preparation. This is one thing I like about just eating healthy, as opposed to a strict diet. Diets are a lot of work, eating right is more of a lifestyle change.

This week -

Breakfast: Kashi Blueberry and Oats Cereal + Multi-Vitamin

After run morning snack:PB&J Sandwich on whole grain bread

Lunch:Salmon or Tuna on crackers

Snack:Nuts or Yogurt

Dinner:Chicken or Turkey and a salad

Before bed snack:Cajun Trail Mix or Peanut Butter and Banana

Also eliminating ALL pop, including diet. I have found diet to be worse than regular from past experiences. Also eliminating all creamer and sweeteners in morning coffee. Hopefully will be able to switch to decaf eventually. Limiting myself to one sports drink a day, tea sweetened with honey and drinking as much water as possible.

I'm not nutrition expert and I am certain my eating plan isn't perfect, but I feel it will allow me to make an overall, for the most part-comfortable change in my eating habits.

I will have no problem sticking with it throughout the week, in the past- weekends have been the spoiler. I think this is because I typically use the weekends for rest days, but I plan to keep running throughout the weekend, which usually motivates me to stick to my eating plan.

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