Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 03 - Adriiiiaaannnnn!!!!

Yesterday I felt like Rocky Balboa after running up steps of the Philadelphia Museum. Today I feel like Rocky after the fight with Ivan Drago, the Soviet Union boxer in Rocky IV. Man I feel like crap, but I did do what I needed to do. I did truly realize this morning, how out of shape I have gotten.

This morning I got up with a headache and I don't believe I have been this sore, since well...the last time I did this. Despite feeling so rough, I did manage to get out on time and to the park. The air was muggy and thick, making it really hard to breathe. Despite all the stretching, I just could not get rid of the intense soreness in my legs. I was able to finish my mile, but just could not do the 2nd.

I plan to make up for it today, by walking quite a bit at work. I am hoping this will help me rid some of the soreness. Not going to get discouraged, tomorrow will be here before I know it.

Also, thinking I should probably stop comparing myself to Rocky Balboa.

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