Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 02 - First Run

I got up at 4:30am, got dressed, bowl of cereal and was at the park and running just before 5:30am.

I really surprised myself, running the whole first mile with no real issues and felt really good. I really wasn't sure what to expect, since I haven't ran in quite sometime. The 2nd mile felt good as well, but just wasn't as solid.

My goals this week are to just start the routine and get the hang of actually getting back out there. I want at least one solid mile a day this week, then build upon that.

Overall, I feel very satisfied. It was great to be out so early this morning, very peaceful and quiet.

Also went to the store last night and stocked up on some healthier foods. My plan is to up my meals to 5-6 small ones a day, to jump start my metabolism.

I don't see any real issue with the whole eating more thing.

Reading other peoples running blogs has been very inspiring to me. I am finding it to be helpful to always remember they had to start from ground zero as well. It may be awhile before I can run 8,13 or 26 miles, but I just need to accept that, know MY boundaries, set MY goals and work toward that. It will come.

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