Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 04 - Whew

Good solid run this morning - felt really good. There are some days, when everything just seems right and better than it was the day before. On my 2nd mile, I ran past the body of water at the park. The sun was starting to rise and everything had such a morning glow to it. I decided to stop and take in the view and hydrate, really enjoyed that part of my run. It's mornings like this, that only convince me more that I enjoy morning runs better.

I decided yesterday to work some biking into my routine. I will have to see how it goes tomorrow morning, but I am considering rotating biking and running throughout the week. Tonight my plan is to play some soccer in the yard and then get my bike tuned up and ready for the morning.


  1. I have almost the identical plan (alternating running and cycling) and it really seems to be working well. I hope it does for you, too!

  2. Thanks Colin !

    As much as I do like running, I think sometimes it's nice to break up the monotony.