Friday, July 10, 2009

This was great -

Wednesday I was forced to take my rest day of the week, as opposed to Sunday. Church meeting ran quite a bit over.

Last night was my favorite workout thus far. It is pure weight slinging that really leaves you feeling the burn. If you are considering doing this program, do yourself a favor and invest in some dumbbells. You can use resistance bands, as every workout has an alternative. Erin is currently using those and it just doesn't work as well I don't think. It seems like you spend more time trying to figure out how to do the exercises w/them, rather than just jumping right in and following along. Plus, I believe the bells allow you increase/decrease your weight per exercises to make sure you are getting maximum benefits. I'm really happy with this workout and program thus far.

Tonight is YogaX and I'm not sure whether I'm looking forward to it or not. I have heard it's tough, so I invested in a strap and some yoga blocks to help me with my current lack of flexibility.

Overall, here lately I am seeing a huge boost of energy and how I feel. I don't believe it's due to P90x, but just changing my diet over time, drinking nothing but water and being more active. I don't believe P90x is a miracle program, it's just common sense. It's nice though, to have a everything layed out for you, somebody motivating you and of course, doing it in your own living room on your own time certainly been convenient. I think anybody can achieve the exact same results and benefits without the program just by following basic, fundamental truths of diet and exercise. Were going for lifestyle changes here, nothing temporary.

Here lately, before I make any adjustments to my diet or exercise, I ask myself if it is something I'm really going to continue doing from now on. Is it just a fad ? What are my goals ? Why do I feel like this will benefit me ? If I don't feel like I will continue it and make it part of my everyday life, then I don't waste my time. That's what I like about this program. When my 180 days are up, I can apply everything I have learned into my daily routines and goals to increase my fitness for a lifetime, not just 3 or 6 months. I can't help but think; people who are only worried about how they look during this program or any for that matter, are destined for failure. That will only drive you so long. When doing a fitness routine, ftiness should be of top priority. Looking good is just the cherry on top.


  1. Fitness is the goal. The looking good part doesn't really apply at my age. :)

  2. I really want to try the P90X. After my big race I'm going to look into it when I have more time and I'm not running all the time. I heard it's intense!