Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Plyometrics - Day 2

"A form of exercise that uses rapid movements to develop muscular power"

What a workout ! Despite what some have said, I believe this was harder than the 1st workout, so intense. Absolutely no mercy during this workout. I had some flashbacks of playing sports growing up, many of the moves were the same we use to do to condition on the field. Many of them are very high impact and taxing on the body. I was very proud that I made it all the way through. I think eventually, this will become one of my favorites, as for now - I dread next Tuesday with a passion.
Erin was a champ about half way through, but due to her on going back problems, we both decided it was time for to stop. We simply can't afford for her to totally be down on her back, with a two month old. I am hoping this program in the long run will help her back problems. It's something she has had a struggle with most of her life and something we have had to deal with throughout our two year marriage.

As for P90x day two, what an awesome program this is so far! When my heart rate is that high, I sweat that much and this sore after a workout - I know it is going to have positive effects on my fitness. Loving it.

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